Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Today was seriously the craphole of all craphole days. I wake up, go to the bank, withdraw $400 bones, take it to court, and give it away. "Here ma'am here's a shredder...go ahead and place your money in it."

Today just is NOT my day folks.

1st Home Game

My previously attended high school's first game was last Friday night...Not to get confused with the song...So I packed up my brother and off we went. We met up with Lauren and Austin later on and had a great time trying to show Hawk pride. Truth is, Highland is just not up to par on the athletic thing. The sad, but true statement doesn't stop us from supporting and paying the $3 entry fee. We loves you Highland High...I wish I learned that fight song.

1st Intro...

This is about my 4th attempt at a photography blog! I have a good feeling that this will be the one! Anyways...My name is, Victoria Sorenson...Tori for short. I love love love love love being a photographer. I love doing things so creative and so fun. I hope I can eventually develop this into a career that I love. I'm so excited for this and I hope your all ready for what's about to come your way! Stay tuned folks...You aren't gonna wanna miss this!