Monday, September 30, 2013

Young Buck

Are we allowed to talk about how he is NOT suppose to be 7-years-old?? Where in the world has time flown to and where can I go so it slows down? Remember when he had a missing front tooth and more freckles than I could count? While the freckles remain, the missing tooth is no longer missing and he's looking older and older each and every day. He's doin' his football thang and we go on a skateboard date everyday. He is the funnest brother and I just absolutely love him. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Stargaze Just to See the Show

Went star gazin' with Stetson Joel and Terry yesterday and had a good ole' time apeturing and gazing.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fornia' Trip 2013

For as long as I've known Lo, our common bond has been California. There was always talk on going together but we never actually got around to it. But that didn't fly with us, so we made it happen. And when I say we made it happen, I mean 
We drove up there with our friend Amber early Saturday morning and with the only delay being the hurricane we drove through (yes luggage was exposed in the bed of my truck) we got there safe and sound and intact ready to party. We got all of our stuff into the apartment, then went and hit Newport. I needed to stop at Jack's first though because I needed a new board (mine has seen finer days) and because Amber didn't bring a bike and needed something to ride. So after grabbing that, we were on our way. Weaving in and out of people and dodging angry peds. Then we hit Balboa. Parking was a bih...but luckily some KIND soul got in my truck and volunteered to park the beast (THANK YOU SIR!). Amber didn't feel good after that so we went and dropped her back off at the apartment and Lo and I took our boards out again and did our thang, (Ruby's on the pier and bonfire on the beach). 
Sunday we hit up the local singles ward for church and then drove to Huntington for lunch // shopping // laying out // and just the normal teen thing y'know. We kept it low-key and went to Fashion Island after that and back over to Huntington that night to see the night life. 
The whole trip my feet and car were lookin' so crazy. I had to board everywhere barefoot cause stupid me never remembered to wear the right shoes. So I had blisters on every toe (like I cared) and boards and bikes staked high in the Silverado. 
Monday was the day all dreams came true (Disneyland). We got there early and stayed there late. It was the funnest time of my life going with Lo. We cried, we laughed, and we ate. I don't think i've ever done Disney like that and I'm not complaining. 
Tuesday was our last day and we just went over to Huntington again in the morning for breakfast at Banzai Bowls (heaven) and layed (fell asleep) out on the beach. Then we packed up and headed home.
Trip for the books my friends and it was the best thing that ever happened to me! I'm so glad we could go for Lo's birthday/goodbye party (we know how to throw a party right). It made the pain of her leaving a little bit easier (not.) 

Friday, September 13, 2013

LC back in the AZ

So when LC hits home for a semester, my heart and camera are so full. Who doesn't love having their best friend home right? It's like the other half of you decides they wanna party together for 3 months. Those are great times, I highly recommend if you are in need of a little R&R. So when Lauren comes home, we board, a lot. We watch netflix, a lot. We Yogurtland, a lot. Noticing a pattern? She's the best a girl could have and I love when she's home! You my shawty girl!

Worcs Race / Newport

 So a couple months before hand, my aunt Ami had asked me if I would mind taking a trip to California with  her, the boys, and Addi for Cade's 1st motorcross race! K fiiiinnnee I'll go (jk I'm all about the socal life). We drive up Wednesday morning and get there around 2ish, we hotel, we unpack, then we decide Newport sounds like a way great idea, so that's where we head, to love up on some salt water and Jane's Corndogs. My heaven on earth. Always. 7 o'clock rolls around and we all (Ami and I) decide traffic is going to be fine going back on the 19 (we were staying in San Bernandino) so we wouldn't waste time changing clothes and what not...wrong...never under estimate California traffic folks. Let's talk stand still for 45 minutes. Yeah, so after a power nap, divying up equal amounts of leftover goldfish and Clif bars, we make it out and get home. The next days were spent at the track, Thursday just practice, but then Friday was race day! Cade did SO great and I don't think we could've been any prouder or obnoxious in our cheering. Seriously it was such an awesome thing to be able to see him love doing what he loves to do. It made me so excited to encourage my future babes to go after anything they love. That's one stellar quality Ami has, she's always encouraging her kiddos to do whatever they want in the world and she'll help them get there. Rockstar that girl, I tell ya. The day after that, we make one last trip to Newport to ride bikes down on the beach for an hour. It was the funnest time trying to squeeze us all in pictures on our bikes and avoiding the peds. It was such a good mini vacation with some of my favorite people. We had a blast and were constantly singing at the top of our lungs to swifty ad laughing so hard our abs were rock solid.


K so even though FLA felt like it was just yesterday, it was over 2 months ago, whaaaa? Yeah heartbreaking sadness over here everyone. But I mean, one door closes another one opens right? Right.
So I'm going to go in chronological order (by pictures in iphone) and keep this thing from getting cobwebs, (how annoying is it everytime someone neglects the blog, they feel inclined to offer up an explanation paragraph? sorry.) So the next said event to pop up is Chloe Joan's first birthday! We love and adore this girl (I more than others, i'm convinced) and are so glad she joined our campfire. Her birthday was full of a lot of kids under 12 swimming (stress) and a lot of food and quality time together. I love miss thang like my own and am so convinced she's the happiest baby out there.