Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fornia' Trip 2013

For as long as I've known Lo, our common bond has been California. There was always talk on going together but we never actually got around to it. But that didn't fly with us, so we made it happen. And when I say we made it happen, I mean we.made.it.happen. 
We drove up there with our friend Amber early Saturday morning and with the only delay being the hurricane we drove through (yes luggage was exposed in the bed of my truck) we got there safe and sound and intact ready to party. We got all of our stuff into the apartment, then went and hit Newport. I needed to stop at Jack's first though because I needed a new board (mine has seen finer days) and because Amber didn't bring a bike and needed something to ride. So after grabbing that, we were on our way. Weaving in and out of people and dodging angry peds. Then we hit Balboa. Parking was a bih...but luckily some KIND soul got in my truck and volunteered to park the beast (THANK YOU SIR!). Amber didn't feel good after that so we went and dropped her back off at the apartment and Lo and I took our boards out again and did our thang, (Ruby's on the pier and bonfire on the beach). 
Sunday we hit up the local singles ward for church and then drove to Huntington for lunch // shopping // laying out // and just the normal teen thing y'know. We kept it low-key and went to Fashion Island after that and back over to Huntington that night to see the night life. 
The whole trip my feet and car were lookin' so crazy. I had to board everywhere barefoot cause stupid me never remembered to wear the right shoes. So I had blisters on every toe (like I cared) and boards and bikes staked high in the Silverado. 
Monday was the day all dreams came true (Disneyland). We got there early and stayed there late. It was the funnest time of my life going with Lo. We cried, we laughed, and we ate. I don't think i've ever done Disney like that and I'm not complaining. 
Tuesday was our last day and we just went over to Huntington again in the morning for breakfast at Banzai Bowls (heaven) and layed (fell asleep) out on the beach. Then we packed up and headed home.
Trip for the books my friends and it was the best thing that ever happened to me! I'm so glad we could go for Lo's birthday/goodbye party (we know how to throw a party right). It made the pain of her leaving a little bit easier (not.) 

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