Friday, September 13, 2013


K so even though FLA felt like it was just yesterday, it was over 2 months ago, whaaaa? Yeah heartbreaking sadness over here everyone. But I mean, one door closes another one opens right? Right.
So I'm going to go in chronological order (by pictures in iphone) and keep this thing from getting cobwebs, (how annoying is it everytime someone neglects the blog, they feel inclined to offer up an explanation paragraph? sorry.) So the next said event to pop up is Chloe Joan's first birthday! We love and adore this girl (I more than others, i'm convinced) and are so glad she joined our campfire. Her birthday was full of a lot of kids under 12 swimming (stress) and a lot of food and quality time together. I love miss thang like my own and am so convinced she's the happiest baby out there.

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