Sunday, March 31, 2013

Baby Lindblom!

I've mentioned one of my best friends Zach Figgins on here a couple of times and boy oh boy do I love him! Him and Colin's families go waaaaaay back and have been best friends since babies. 
So yesterday was one of said Figgins baby shower! Cute little Cede is expecting baby boy number one! So excited for her to start her new family. And kind of jealous at the same time. 
PS. When homegirl turns around, you can't even tell she's prego, some jealousy might stem from that.
Love all of them dearly!

I Can't Afford Gas...

And Bike
And Bike 
And Bike
I tell you what, If I didn't need a tan so desperately, and if I was employed again, and if Carsten didn't have all of his pent up 6 year-old energy, this would never be happening. Or maybe it would because I really do love it and love spending time with my siblings! 
We added two more to our little "brigade" our cousins, Stratton & Cade. Can you tell we're all related? 
Love Family time more than anything & so so grateful for family living in close proximity.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Vivos Los Suns!

I don't know who I feel worse for? The Suns, for absolutely STINKING this year, or Carsten and I, for having to watch that game. Nonetheless, we had a good brother sister date and got to listen to our Disney Pandora station for the whole ride there. 
Some oooottther big news today...Just sitting in the CGCC Women's bathrooms today, when all of the sudden, I get a text from a guy in my ward, asking if I needed a job, and I was like, YEAH OK! So I have an interview tomorrow! 
I also received the "go ahead" to call my Patriarch and receive my Patriarchal blessing! This has been such a long time coming and I am SO beyond excited and thrilled to get it! 
Today has been one for the books! The power of prayer is INCREDIBLE and my faith increases daily because of it! 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Disney Dimentia

And if you wanted an up close and personal peek at how this spring break went down...Here it is.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Happiest on Earth x33

What happens when 33 Betheas hit Disney? 
Mass Chaos, Crying infants, & Coniptions may come to mind...But we all handled ourselves WONDERFULLY. 
It was mainly my family, John & Heidi's Family, and Monique and Jordan's family but we had way too much fun.
We were constanly joke telling, prank pulling, and picture snapping of all the "Disney Dorks" we could find. 
It was SUCH a good time. 
Everyone allllllllways asks me if I ever get sick of Disney...
and the answer to that my friends...
Is a big fat NO. 
I la la love Disney with all my heart and soul (dramatic) and would marry it if I could and if Colin wasn't in the picture. (yeah dramatic) 

I Love the Mountains, I Love the Rolling Hills...

Remember here how I told you about the hike that made me swear under my breath and took 9 thousand years? 
We did it again! 
We took a different route this time and different company. 
I got a text from Tyler early that morning asking if I was up for a hike...I went back and forth for a good 15 minutes about it, and when I saw my bathing suit hanging up, I was like, K fine. 
So all 5 of us packed up and headed to Scottsdale to enjoy what we formally call "God's Gym". 
It was fun to go with the boys and two of my best girls. 
It had rained poured the day before so the weather was SO choice. It was the perfect day for our hike. 
Love this AZ.

Thursday, March 7, 2013


I promise, if I had ANYTHING to post...I would. But the fact of the matter is, school is my life now. And if i'm not doing that, i'm smooching baby faces and eating. Hi summer bod. Wassup?! 
Not the point. 
But the only picture I have to document my absence, (minus snapchats) is this one of me and my favorite past time...horses. Haviland horses if we're getting technical. 
Carsten and I have been on numerous bike riding kicks lately, and we always seem to end up at the Haviland's to pet the horses. 
They are the sweetest and I get the itch to ride again every time I'm down there. 
I love Gilbert for this very reason. Being in the suburbs one minute, to taking carrots down to your friends horses the next.