Friday, March 15, 2013

Happiest on Earth x33

What happens when 33 Betheas hit Disney? 
Mass Chaos, Crying infants, & Coniptions may come to mind...But we all handled ourselves WONDERFULLY. 
It was mainly my family, John & Heidi's Family, and Monique and Jordan's family but we had way too much fun.
We were constanly joke telling, prank pulling, and picture snapping of all the "Disney Dorks" we could find. 
It was SUCH a good time. 
Everyone allllllllways asks me if I ever get sick of Disney...
and the answer to that my friends...
Is a big fat NO. 
I la la love Disney with all my heart and soul (dramatic) and would marry it if I could and if Colin wasn't in the picture. (yeah dramatic) 

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