Sunday, July 21, 2013

East Coastin'

We're here!! And I don't think life gets any better. With all 42 of us crammed into one condo complex, you think things would get chaotic, and while they do, we all have the absolute best time. the more chaos the better. Like me getting dragged into the ocean, or pigging out at Sonny's, these are memories I will always hold near and dear to my heart. I'm so grateful for a family that loves being together and loves doing this. 

480 to the 904

The best day of the year has rolled around! The day we all go to our "homeland" (Florida) if you can believe it. It always seems like it comes and goes, and this time is no exception. It totally has! I can't even believe it's already here. By this time next year Col would've been home for 3 months! Whaaaa?! Yeah cray. I love coming here, it really feels like home. I love being here with my family and my best friend.

Elder Bethea

The second Elder that has come out of the Bethea family so you'd think it gets easier right? Nah. No way. Not possible. Josh is one of the most pure of heart and selfless people you will ever meet. He is continuously serving others and is a perfect example of exemplifying christlike attributes. Being the oldest cousin, I feel a stuardship over my youngers. They mean the world to me! They really do! But Josh has been the example TO me. I love him and am so grateful that I get to call him my cousin. He went off on the 17th to serve in the Sendai, Japan mission. He's going to be the best missionary, I have no doubt at all! Love you shoshie bug!

Seein' Double

Can we just talk about how cute my brother is? 
I love him to the ends of time. 
I love his long hair. 
I love our unintentional matching shirts. 

Family Pictures

Where have I been lately? 
Well here's the 5 different answers I can think of...
1. I got a job. I work for my "step"-grandma (if you wanna get technical) and it is such a blessing. 
2. I discovered Gossip Girl on Netflix and Nate Archibald stole my heart. 
3. I've been traveling and doing different activities almost every day.
4. I spend way too much time in Lululemon after I vowed to myself I would never. 
5. I got my new camera and I can never seem to tear away from it. It's like I birthed the thing. 
So with all the explanations out of the way, let's start getting updated shall we?
So as we now all know, I work for Maryann, and she needed me to set up "Bethea family pictures" while Derek and Jo's family was in town for Josh's farewell talk. So while the whole family is here, (minus JD who is on his mission) we got our last Bethea family pictures. The missionaries are just going to keep on going from here on out so it was very necessary to get these done. I couldn't think of ANYONE more perfect than Natalie Norton, and she knocked it out of the park. We loved working with her and we love how the pictures turned out.