Monday, June 17, 2013

We Love Lake

To the Bethea's the lake is our Second home (okay, maybe third next to FLA, but still). We love spending family time together and having so much fun. My uncles are the coolest and my cousins are the best. Wouldn't trade my family for anything.

Monday, June 3, 2013


Not only is Sweetcakes the name of the restaurant, it's also the name I call these beauties. Such a fun night acting like we're on High School Musical 2 dancing around the kitchen. We attempted to make cream cheese filled pretzels but it ended up into a twerking competition and who could get the funnier vine. I love these Sweetcakes. 

You're from the 70's...But we're 90's chicks.

My girls and I took it upon ourselves to make these wonderful tees, then preceding tees, go to freestone to snap quality pictures. We had a +1 (Michaela) until poor baby got so sicky she barfed for so long. So we ran her home. 

Tee Sweezy

Well when she sings "I'm feeling 22" this night, I think I caught on to what she's talkin' about. I had Gisele and Cienne all week while John and Heidi took Josh to Lake Powell for his senior trip. My last day, dad called and said he got Me, Elle, & Dolly tickets to TAYLOR SWIFT. SO EXCITED. I haven't missed a single Taylor Swift concert and I don't think I ever could. It was BEYOND magical and I had an ear-to-ear all night. I love this girl like she's my BFF.

Hurricane Awards

It seems like just yesterday I was a Highland Hurricane and now I'm in community college with a job. What? Can I go back to being little please? Elle won "Most Outstanding Effort" at the awards ceremony for Orchestra. She's way cool and so much cooler than I was circa '04.

Mes Filles

These 3 have been my rock upon which I phone frantically with stupid concerns and build all of my worries and concerns on. Sorry guys. But really, we have stuck side by side through all of our missionaries leaving, and being by one anothers' side. I love them so much!