Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Feliz Natal!

This Christmas was such a unique and special one. It was my first Christmas without Col (since we'd been dating) and I just couldn't help but wonder how I could do Christmas without him.
It finally rolled around and without sugar coating it, I was really sad and super down about not being able to spend Christmas with him. But I got out of bed this morning and had the most fun opening presents with my family and spending quality time with them. I realized that this is my 2nd to last year at MY home with MY family waking up in MY bed, so I just tried to soak it all in. It was a wonderful morning and I loved being with my family. After presents, we went to Pai's house and had breakfast with the whole family, I sat and held the babies, and opened up presents from Pai and Maryann. 11:30 quickly rolled around, and it was time for Colin to skype home. So off to my favorite Montgomery's house for the long awaited moment. The anticipation was seriously thick and my heart was a ticking time bomb, my mind kept going from "I get to see him in 2 minutes" to "crap did I wear the right outfit?" Then...His name popped up and he was video calling us. THERE HE WAS.
(The first thing out of his mouth..."You are all so beautiful")
The cutest missionary I ever laid eyes on. My eyes got soaked immediately and I just wanted to dance around the kitchen and do Andy's fist pumping scene from The Breakfast Club. There he was smiling that cute smile and wearing the checkered tie from J.Crew I got him. He wasn't just an email! He was talking, smiling, laughing, REAL LIFE. It was the best Christmas present I could've ever wished for or gotten. He is growing SO much and is a man among men. I am so proud to call him mine and I love him more and more every day.
Christmas was off the charts this year and I am EXTREMELY blessed and privelaged to have all those I love near to me during the season. Only one more Christmas then he's HOME! Let the countdown for next Christmas start ;)
I hope everyone had the best Christmas. May Heavenly Father provide many blessings to you and yours this 2013.

Monday, December 24, 2012

No, it's not October.

Afternoons in Gilbert have been great with a capital G lately. So we take full advantage all the time. We are all constantly riding bikes / boards  and doing that outdoorsy crap that we can't do anytime else. Gilbert is easy, breezy, and beautiful right now. And I am ALL about that life. So here's some nice quality iphone pictures for all of you.

oops.....I mean December

Ready or Not

On Thursday night after school, I took Bella, Carsten, Elle, & our good friend Chloe Cook down to Tempe marketplace to watch Bridget Mendler's free concert. Aside from every hispanic in AZ being there and no space to move, it was a cute cozy little concert. Bella is obsessed with her and we've all determined that she will look exactly like her when she's older total celeb-look-alike.
After the concert we got the chance to take a picture with her and meet her! It was such a cool experience for the kids and for me. I was so star struck! She was so nice and polite and patient and tiny and cute. We love Bridget Mendler around here!

He's Goin' on a Mission!

The time is starting to come where ALL of my friends are leaving on missions. First Col, then Wyatt, and so on and so forth...Now i'm scraping the bottom of the barell for friends. Awesome right? Not really. But as sad as I am to see them go, they are going to make the BEST missionaries and I say that with a 100% seriousness. They will be the best, just you watch and see. So last Thursday, we all gathered around and waited anxiously as Austin opened his call...Drumroll please...
You can believe my dad was way excited about him serving in Scandanavia.
I love austie with my whole heart and he is one of my absolute best friends. I am so proud of him and love him so much!
The pictures above perfectly explain our relationship. My little brother that one.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Letters might just be my happy place.
Especially when their coming from my best friend.
And especially when he sends me doodles and says things like, "You're going to make a great wife Tori! I'm so grateful for our friendship and for how long we've known eachother. I love you!"
I love that Elder Payne man. 

Easy Livin'

On our trip to see The Killers, it was a really quick one.
We got in Friday afternoon and had to leave Saturday night.
So Saturday rolled around and we had a Killer Hangover...(Get it?)
So we took it easy. Steven made Josh and I cracked wheat (A Bethea fave) and we just enjoyed such wonderful company, food, weather, and more.
We went down to the movie theatre and watched Life of Pi. We all loved it and were so awe strucken by the end of it.
To wrap up our trip, we explored temple square and city creek mall.
There's something about Utah in the winter that makes everything else uncomparable.  
It was such a fun trip and I'm so grateful I got to experience so much in so little time. 

Killers 2k12

Do you know me? Do you REALLY know me?
Because if you do, you will fully understand and appreciate the love and adoration I have for Brandon Flowers.
I bought 4 tickets to The Killers in September for Josh's birthday and the trip FINALLY came. Seriously probably THE most anticipated event of my life.
We got in Utah Friday afternoon and Trey picked us up from the airport. We went straight to the Smith's house and carried on casual conversation and hit up Burger King before "Diet Coke" hour hit. (where the mom's come home from the gym and picking their kids up from school)
Then it was concert time.
Honestly, I'm still completely baffled and overwhelmed at how incredible they were.
By far the absolute best concert I have been to.
It was such a fun short little trip and I'm so glad i'll be able to tell my kids one day, "mama saw them in concert!"
Dream come true everyone. I promise