Thursday, December 6, 2012

Killers 2k12

Do you know me? Do you REALLY know me?
Because if you do, you will fully understand and appreciate the love and adoration I have for Brandon Flowers.
I bought 4 tickets to The Killers in September for Josh's birthday and the trip FINALLY came. Seriously probably THE most anticipated event of my life.
We got in Utah Friday afternoon and Trey picked us up from the airport. We went straight to the Smith's house and carried on casual conversation and hit up Burger King before "Diet Coke" hour hit. (where the mom's come home from the gym and picking their kids up from school)
Then it was concert time.
Honestly, I'm still completely baffled and overwhelmed at how incredible they were.
By far the absolute best concert I have been to.
It was such a fun short little trip and I'm so glad i'll be able to tell my kids one day, "mama saw them in concert!"
Dream come true everyone. I promise

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