Saturday, February 16, 2013

Yesterday I was able to go and chaperone Carsten's 1st grade field trip to the zoo. It was so fun getting to spend the day with him and I am so glad he wanted me to come and wasn't too embarassed that his sister was there with him (he even held my hand the whole time). 
I'm so sad moments like this with him are almost up, but I'm going to soak them in while I can.
Thanks for letting your big sister come with you goob! I love you forever!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dia Amor Feliz

Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours!
Annnnnnnnd of course...
Happy Valentine's Day to my one and only!
Loving this boy comes way too easy and I am so grateful for him every single day! 
I love February 14th and I love that I get to share it with this hot piece for the rest of eternity! 
Love you foreva sugar!
Your numba one girl!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Locals Only

This weekend Mom, Elle, Justin and I took a spontaneous trip to California. 
Mom's boss was out of town so we're like, what the heck?! Why not? 
So we did. 
We enjoyed so much Disney and food and beach that it should be illegal. 
Newport is my obsession and I can't wait to move there someday! 
I wasn't too sad to leave because in 2 weeks, Brooke and I are headed back for Preston's farewell!
I love my home away from home. And literally. Never ever get sick of it. 


And there he goes. 
Sunday night was our last night with Coley. 
After he got set apart, we all stayed and just talked till 1AM. 
Our friends. 
This never happens. Like ever. 
I can't remember the last time I got to sit with my kids and just talk. But it happened! And oh, was it just what I needed.
The 8 of us left...(9 including derek) just talked and laughed and got one on one time with our favorite Cole. 
Soon this number is going to be just limited to girls. Even Brooke will leave us. And to tell you the truth, I get super emotional about it. 
But I cannot wait until the day we're all back together again! 
My friends are my life and I thank my lucky stars every day I have them!
Cole is going to KILL it in the field and his first letter home got me all kinds of worked up!
I love my kids and am so proud! 

Another Tally Mark

Well. Here's another one. Just leaving me for 24 months. 
This kid is the BEST and I am so lucky to have him as a friend. 
He's going to kill it in Mexico and I cannot wait to hear about his adventures. 
Love you long time TyTy!


With LC gone, I get a lot of quality time with bear. 
So we do dumb things like hike again. 
But this one wasn't as killer and she still had me doubled over. 
She's my fave. 

Awww Ladies!

These fine thangs are my best friends. 
And I love them. 
And they're all moving home from Utah now minus Lauren so it's safe to say I'm way excited about this. 
I love my girls!

Well to fufill Lauren's AZ bucketlist before she left for Utah, we had to hike Camelback Mountain. 
So that's what we did. 
Does anyone else have as hard a time as we did hiking that dumb thing!? 
75% of the time Brooke had me doubled over laughing and the other 35% was spent heaving and swearing under (or over) my breath. 
I guess you know what they say, "Life's a Climb, But the View is Great"
Thanks Miley. 

Live to Start. Start to Live

For New Years, I had my best girl by my side as usual, that usually equals a good time, but new years was way lame. 
We had originally planned to go to the huge party at the hanger, and then to Cole's House. 
But with our luck, the hanger party BLEW and Cole's house was hosting to kids my sisters age. 
Like I saw my cousin from MVT there. 
So our group of friends just hung out inside and watched all the junior high kids strut they stuff. 
It was good to be with friends, but I'm hopin for a better celebration next year!
As for the blog title, that is my new years motto! 
It's Natalie Norton's motto actually. 
And they call it "Gavin's Law." 
Read more about her here. She is such a remarkable woman and example!