Monday, February 11, 2013

Live to Start. Start to Live

For New Years, I had my best girl by my side as usual, that usually equals a good time, but new years was way lame. 
We had originally planned to go to the huge party at the hanger, and then to Cole's House. 
But with our luck, the hanger party BLEW and Cole's house was hosting to kids my sisters age. 
Like I saw my cousin from MVT there. 
So our group of friends just hung out inside and watched all the junior high kids strut they stuff. 
It was good to be with friends, but I'm hopin for a better celebration next year!
As for the blog title, that is my new years motto! 
It's Natalie Norton's motto actually. 
And they call it "Gavin's Law." 
Read more about her here. She is such a remarkable woman and example! 

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