Thursday, March 7, 2013


I promise, if I had ANYTHING to post...I would. But the fact of the matter is, school is my life now. And if i'm not doing that, i'm smooching baby faces and eating. Hi summer bod. Wassup?! 
Not the point. 
But the only picture I have to document my absence, (minus snapchats) is this one of me and my favorite past time...horses. Haviland horses if we're getting technical. 
Carsten and I have been on numerous bike riding kicks lately, and we always seem to end up at the Haviland's to pet the horses. 
They are the sweetest and I get the itch to ride again every time I'm down there. 
I love Gilbert for this very reason. Being in the suburbs one minute, to taking carrots down to your friends horses the next. 

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