Friday, September 13, 2013

Worcs Race / Newport

 So a couple months before hand, my aunt Ami had asked me if I would mind taking a trip to California with  her, the boys, and Addi for Cade's 1st motorcross race! K fiiiinnnee I'll go (jk I'm all about the socal life). We drive up Wednesday morning and get there around 2ish, we hotel, we unpack, then we decide Newport sounds like a way great idea, so that's where we head, to love up on some salt water and Jane's Corndogs. My heaven on earth. Always. 7 o'clock rolls around and we all (Ami and I) decide traffic is going to be fine going back on the 19 (we were staying in San Bernandino) so we wouldn't waste time changing clothes and what not...wrong...never under estimate California traffic folks. Let's talk stand still for 45 minutes. Yeah, so after a power nap, divying up equal amounts of leftover goldfish and Clif bars, we make it out and get home. The next days were spent at the track, Thursday just practice, but then Friday was race day! Cade did SO great and I don't think we could've been any prouder or obnoxious in our cheering. Seriously it was such an awesome thing to be able to see him love doing what he loves to do. It made me so excited to encourage my future babes to go after anything they love. That's one stellar quality Ami has, she's always encouraging her kiddos to do whatever they want in the world and she'll help them get there. Rockstar that girl, I tell ya. The day after that, we make one last trip to Newport to ride bikes down on the beach for an hour. It was the funnest time trying to squeeze us all in pictures on our bikes and avoiding the peds. It was such a good mini vacation with some of my favorite people. We had a blast and were constantly singing at the top of our lungs to swifty ad laughing so hard our abs were rock solid.

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