Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Here's a Map & Here's a Bible

I fell asleep at about 9:33 tonight. I thought I was gonna get to bed early. Wake up early. The whole shin dig. Until my phone rings and it's my best friends little sister Brooke. She called me almost in tears saying, "have you seen Lauren? I got scared and sauid, "no? She droppedcme off like 2 hours ago. Let me try calling her." No answer. I started thinking what could've happened and my stomach got sick. I tried calling Lauren again..."hello?" she finally answered. Safe as can be at wal mart. I hated thinking of something happening to my best friend...
In about 2 weeks Lauren is moving to Idaho to go to school. And every time I think about it tears well up instantly. We've been inseparable for going on 2 years now. She's my rock, my best friend and my sister. I hate the thought of her actually leaving. I can't believe it's happening. I'm so proud of her. But the inconsiderate selfish monster inside me wants her to stay here and live with me forever. I love Lauren Kendall more and more everyday. There's no person that could ever substitute the sincere blessing that she is. I thank my lucky stars for that girl every night. Im already counting down the days till she gets home.

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