Monday, July 30, 2012


Yesterday was a really, really special day for me. 
My Aunt Monique had her baby. 
Chloe Joan Hatch
8 lbs. of pure perfection. 
Monique and I are close. Although we are 13 years apart. 
It was an extremely tender and precious moment to me. 
Being the oldest Bethea grandchild holding the newest. 
I can't believe she's here. 
She already has my heart. 
I just wanted to smooch her cheeks all night. 
 I am so proud to be her cousin.
Chloe Joan, I love you sweet girl. You have a very precious name and SUCH a precious spirit. I know you were with the woman you were named after only hours ago. Our Cute Joanie. Giving one last love to eachother before coming into this world. Thank you for bringing her love here to all of us. I will always be there for you and always love you. Welcome to our family.

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