Monday, September 10, 2012

Parents Away...Kids'll Play.

 My folks have been outta town for the past two weeks and i've had the kids all to my self. We finally picked the rents up from the airport last night. But while they were away, we definately had our fair share of fun...From ASU games, mall trips, dinner to fancy restaurants (cost vida), and bike rides, we did it all. And had a blast. 
 Since Carsten has been playing Gilbert Pop Warner, I suprised him with tickets to the ASU game. He was super stoked...Or so I thought...
I guess the 7am call time for his game in North Scottsdale was too much football for one six year old to handle.
 We went with my our family friends the Crums and had a really good time. The beat Illinois by 38-13. Super good game.  
 And with the parents being gone, the procrastinated chore list was in full effect hours before they returned home. Xan is the best Gilbert farmer EVAR. 
 Sunday night, Terry and I ran over to Kelsey's to give her a card for and ended up snapping a few akward family photos with Jack and Tango. Walter White and Pinkman also showed up.

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