Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentimes Day!

Let me be the first to say vday 2012 totally rocked my world. The whole day was happy and pink and everything and everyone was so lovey. Anyways. 
I got my hair done early so that was an excellent way to bring in vday. Not much better in this world than a new cut, color, and semi-scalp massage. 
Next, work. 
I got home around 5:30. Colin and I were suppose to go out to eat but EVERYWHERE was a 3 hour+ wait. We dipped and decided to eat at home. No complaints tho. Equally delicious. 
Then we went and saw Safe House. Denzel Washington continues to BA and Ryan Reynolds has the sexy part down to a TEE. 
Overall it was such a good and happy day. I love Valentimes.
Plus I got to rock my Freedom Valentines shirt. Go Vday!

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