Friday, March 30, 2012

The Best things Come in 3's

So awhile ago, I had ordered this sweatshirt:
Along with this shirt:
From a small California-based company called Urt. (see website here
I received my sweatshirt, no problem, about a week after I had bought it, but the shirt hadn't come. So I figured, ok, it'll be here soon. I let a week go by and still, no shirt. I emailed Urt and told them my situation and they apologized over and over again saying they would send the shirt out immediately. Whew...I get my Urt shirt! So while at work today, I asked xan if I had gotten any packages today (i'm expecting a camera) and she said "no, but let me check the mail." She texted back saying, "you have a package from urt." YES! So I gave her the go-ahead to open it and send me a picture. This is what I got:
Wait...I thought I only ordered ONE shirt...Nope. As an apology, they threw in 2 NEW shirts.
Are you kidding me?! They are the CUTEST! I am so appreciative of good customer service these days. Especially after having a huge headache with Hautelook the other day. This DEFINATELY made up for it. Urt > Hautelook. Big thanks to the urt guys who made my day! I'm so thankful! 

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