Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Round 2

What's with the good weekend trend? Whoever started it, DON'T STOP! My weekends have honestly never been better! But here we go, another seemingly endless blog post on the events of my weekend. I hope your all ready for this. I know I was. 
Thursday, Col and I were out to lunch at Joe's BBQ. Since colin worked till 4am the night before, he didn't have to call into work that day, so lunch was in the schedule. On our way back to my work, we called in on Hunter to see if his call had come yet. Right when we called, he was walking out to the mailbox. Colin switched it to speaker phone and we both eagerly waited for hunters answer to the ever-daunting silence...3 seconds later..."ITS HERE!!!" Colin and I heard that and booked it straight to Prescott.  Literally. We were gone. we got there around 4:45ish and got to hang out and catch up. Oh, and smooch on Cash "Hunter's husky puppy". Oh good lord. I. Want. That. Dog. I couldn't get enough of it. To say I was there for Hunt, or the dog is a toss-up. (just kidding) kinda.
Hunt had originally planned to open up at 6, but a couple of people showed up late so we all waited patiently. Finally, everyone was accounted for. With nervous fingers and uneasiness, hunt opened his call...
LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY. He leaves May 16th. I'm so excited for him. I'll miss him like crazy, but i'm so proud of him. Kentucky will be so good for him and vis-a-versa.
After a sigh of relief and lots of squeezes. We all calmed down and had a good time talking and relaxing. A little while after, we all went to dinner at chipotle and had more time to catch up. Finally, it was time to bid adieu until next week for Greg's wedding. After a lot of I love you's and more squeezes, col and I left, already missing some of our favorite people.
Friday, we were due for yet another road trip, but in the opposite direction...We were embarking on what we would later come to find would be the best night of our life...We were going to see fun. We left around 1pm and stopped for lunch on the way. We go out to the car, and turns out...Colin locked the keys in the car. Awesome. So we call his mom and request the spare, and within 15 minutes, we were back on the road again. We made it there RIGHT before the line started to grow. We lucked out big time. We took our spot in line and anxiously awaited entering the theatre. Tucson has such a little charming downtown area. It was hard not to use up all my instax, but I refrained. 
So we waited in line for a couple hours. (doors open at 7, call time was 8) inhaling 2nd hand smoke and listening to very upset college girls complaining about their life and how much they want to have Nate Ruess's babies...yeah ok.
 There was a bunch of kids from highland there too that we were NOT interested in making conversation with, so we kept on our shades and turned on sixteen candles to avoid akwardness. It worked. (Thank you) 
 7 0'clock FINALLY rolled around and we were more than ready to get our party on. We eagerly stood in line fidgeting and jumping up and down. We were SO more than ready. and finally, they opened the doors.
 The first thing I did, (past experience proved this is the only way) was buy my shirt. Heaven knows its hell buying those things after the concert so I got it over with. And me, being the trend setter that I am, had everyone do the same.
 We ran into the theatre and were right in the front row. If there wasn't a barracade, I could've easily felt Nate's sweat all over me. Our line-waiting paid off!
 (see what I mean)
 Well To sum up an overly-incredible night, Avalanche city opened for fun. I have loved them ever since watching this video and they were SO good live. Minus the obnoxious xylophone hippie player. She got real old real quick. 
Then finally, fun. came on and blew our minds. I had been to one of their concerts before, but this had definately beat my previous experience. I couldn't believe I got to experience them again. I walked out of that concert wanting to never leave. They come to Mesa in May and you better believe i'll be there. 

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