Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring has Sprung.

This past week proved to me that spring was my 2nd favorite season. Let me tell you, It didn't disappoint in the least. I took Thursday and Friday off work to enjoy the festivities with everyone else and enjoy all the amenities that came with it. Monday was Col and I's one year anniversary but we both had work and such, so we decided to celebrate ALL week. I had no complaints with that. So throughout the week we were all lovey dovey and stuff. I think Tuesday or Wednesday I let him open his present early because the boy has a surprise tolerance of zero. Really. I suprised him with his dream watch and to say I hit the nail on the head was/is the complete understatement of the century.
 Thursday morning, Colin came over. Remember the surprise tolerance? That applies in both, giving and receiving. So when colin came in that morning all smiles and twitches, all I had to say was, "Go get it." Without another word he was out the door and back in 15 seconds making me sit down and open my present. I obediently did so and was so happy/shocked/surprised when I saw my dream sunglasses in my hands.
 After lots of smooches and hugs were exchanged, we went out to lunch to celebrate and show off our goodies to dana park and the rest of the world (Gilbert).
After a game of indoor soccer played by my favorite + friends, we indulged in Ted's hot dogs and one free scoop of Baskin Robin's Ice cream
 Finally, with saddened hearts, we had to say goodbye to this amazing Thursday and move on to our next day not knowing if it could be this good. Lucky for us, we were the brunt of good fortune because it just so happens that Friday was just as great. Friday afternoon, Colin came and picked me up to go out for our anniversary date to Paradise bakery. We gabbed and ate for an hour or so then stopped by my house to grab Chelsea's baby gift. We ran it over to the house and luckily for us (me) Chels loved it. Then we were stuck. What else do we do today? Col called Meg and before I knew it we were on our way over to her house to enjoy some of the best company. It was fun to spend the day with those two talking and laughing and helping with decorations for Greg and Courtney's upcoming wedding. Its a close tie between Colin and Meg in the favorite department. I love them both to no ends and I'm so lucky to have both of them. We had to split around 5 in order to get to the Suns game in time. This wasn't originally in the plans, but my mom called wondering if we wanted tickets and we couldn't refuse. So off we went, enjoying a great game against Detroit, and great stadium food.
 So any logical thinking person would know that if you have two good days in a row, you aren't bound to have a third one, right? Wrong! Saturday was spent waking up and going to help out in the garden with my "in-town from Guatemala" grandpa. I love having him in town. It's been so fun letting Pai and Colin get acquainted and know eachother before Colin leaves. I know this was a big worry for both of us (Colin not meeting Pai), so I'm so extremely blessed that  Pai made a trip down here before Colin had to leave. We sure lucked out on that one. Then Colin came over and we went with my dad to grab some lunch at Pirate's, go on a drive, and get some thrifty Ice cream. A bunch of my favorite things all rolled into one big ball of  happiness.
We got home and just relaxed for a couple hours. Tickle fights, wrestling, ipad movies, the whole she-bang. Then we headed over to colin's house to grab some good food (elmer's) and colin and I's favorite person in the world (his cousin hunter). We went to Bahama Bucks (as tradition calls for) then went over to hang out with crippled Zach for the rest of the night. (sorry, no pictures of said events). The next day, Colin had his farewell. He did SUCH an amazing job. I was so overcome with emotion that I'm surprised I knew what was going on. But I'm glad I did because he did one heck of a great job. The spirit was so strong there. I can't even begin to imagine the impact he is going to have on the people of Mozambique. They truly are blessed to be getting a piece of Colin. 
 After sacrament, we went to colin's to have yummy (as always) lunch and enjoy good company. After everyone left, we sat around talking and playing with baby claire then finally popping in "The Help" for our Sunday entertainment. Around 7ish I had to bail to go say bye to Pai and spend time with the fam over at his house. Colin met us over there and between baby brixton and my uncle mark, the night was still going off without a hitch. We left with saddened goodbyes but see-ya-soons for Pai. Then back to colin's to say bye to Hunt for the week (they live in prescott.) After watching the Fugitive and a couple of naps, the weekend finally came to an unfortunate close.
 I'm so grateful for this weekend and the time I have with all these people that seriously bless my life. I am so lucky. Whoever wished me a happy weekend, i'm wishing it right back to you (as ellen would say.) 


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  1. I.Love.You.
    I don't quite know what else to say... :)
    I'll leave it at that & save my bawling!
    Love you!