Wednesday, November 14, 2012

2 Decades

You know when people ask you on your birthday, "So, do you feel any older?" and you respond with a, "Oh, ha-ha not really." 
Well this year, when people asked, I felt it. 
This one is no longer a teen. 
I got really sad about it. 
I don't want to be 20! 
I want to stay little and be with my little friends in my little town for the rest of my little life. 
But unfortunately, this isn't "Little People BIG World" so i've gotta grow up sometime. 
Other than being super goth about being old, it was such a good birthday. 
In the morning, mom and I went to breakfast at Liberty market. That omelet did me so right. 
Then I got to work to a desk that looked like the birthday monster threw up on it, as well as my fave candy, and an especially delicious jamba juice. My bff LC gets mad props on that one. 
We went to lunch at one of my favie sandwich shops, Flancer's, and got to see my friend pick his nose in his car on the way back to work.
When work finally commenced, the family all went to Joe's for dinner. Whoever lives in Gilbert and doesn't cash in on that is a fool. 
And everyone has a second birthday dinner right? Right. 
My friends all got together and we had dinner at Tia Rosa's. I really have the greatest friends anyone could ever ask for. They mean the world to me! 
And to conclude the night, we hit up Brunswick for a good competitive game of bowling, and Braden smashed all of us. 
LC spent the night and we got to have some quality bonding time. It's always the best when I can wake up to that one. 
So that was Friday. 
Saturday, we woke up and Last Chanced it. 
Give me a break, there was nothing. 
I always end up leaving there hating myself and feeling like I have to peel off an extra layer of skin. 
But I always return. 
After that, dad took me out to get a pedicure (yes you read that right) at Elite. And might I add "Miss O'leary's BBQ" Is my new fave color. Who doesn't want BBQ looking toes? 
Later that night, my good friend Zach Jackson had HIS birthday dinner at Costa. We had a good time with good people and food and got to catch up with people I don't usually get to see. I.E. everyone in Thatcher. Spencer, Jimmy, LC, Austin Skinner and I hung out in the parking lot, doing a hell of a lot of nothing. But The personal "Dank" messages all over my car by Spencer were an added bonus. 
Sunday finally rolled around and we had a bunch of the family come over for cake and ice cream. There's nothing I love more than my whole family in one place at the same time. I love them all with everything I have! 
Monday morning, I had two options: Last Chance, or the Zoo. 
I chose neither and decided to sleep. 
I was super bummed because the Zoo is always a good time, especially with Pai. 
But my extra sleep was wonderful as well. 
Dad and I rolled out around 10 to go to breakfast at Eggington's. Never disappointing.
So as for the birthday weekend, I'd definately give it 17 million thumbs up. I got spoiled and loved on all weekend. 
Thank you to my family and friends who love me enough to prolong my birthday and celebrate with me all day and all night! 
I love you all! 

Now here's 5 minutes of what my birthday actually looked like:

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