Thursday, November 8, 2012

Save Ferris

Every year, LC and I stress about a month in advance about what to be for Halloween. We went back and forth from a ballerina, Elsa and Weird Girl from Frankenweenie, and everything else in between. Breakouts happened, sleep was lost, and many text shot through cyberspace trying to figure this out. So all of you must think some spectacular costume was our outcome. 
At work our theme was "The 80s" and we ran with it. 
So we were our mom's for Halloween. 
I told my mom our idea and she got super hyper going into lengthy detail about how she can help me be the best Kaylynn Bethea dupp that there ever was. So again, you probably think that was the outcome. 
And this time, your thoughts are correct my friends. I pulled off Kaylynn like no one else could. 
Complete with a "Save Ferris" t-shirt, a red undershirt, HAIR, blue eyeshadow, a holographic ring, jelly bracelets, a neon freestyle watch, levi's, legwarmers, and chucks. SO fly. I know. 
But the 1st prize, and biggest props go to Xan. 
Have you ever seen Bridesmaids? 
1. if you haven't. I'm sorry. 
2. She was "Megan" from Bridesmaids. 
None of us could control ourselves. She is the only one that could so perfectly pull that off. So she did. We love Xan for this. 
So yeah, my costume was pretty lame unfortunately. But I was able to whip my hair back and forth, and shake my rump all night...which is all that matters. It was such a fun Halloween. 
We started it off by going to our BFF's Adam's house. His birthday is on Halloween, so every year, we go to his house and have soup and the whole shebang. It's been an ongoing tradition for the past 3 years, but he just left on his mission Wednesday, so with a heavy heavy heart, we bid adieu to both Adam and Sister Payne's yummy soup for 2 years. Both will be greatly missed. 
(Brittlyn: A unicorn. Mind you, this was Brooke's 24 month old costume until Britt cut the legs off. We like Brittlyn. Austin: An Australian tour guide. Ty: A gay cowboy *rolls eyes but loves him here* Cosette: Sandy. Adam: a pilgrim later on at night. Vance: Vance. Braden: Flynn Rider, is he not the BEST you've EVER seen? Brooke: Tangled. Jarom: Old Man. Kimee: Old Lady...and Me.)
Then LC and I went over to Chipotle and got our $2 "Boo"rito. Whoever did not participate in this magical event, missed out. I knew Halloween was my fave for a reason. 
The last event was the massive Halloween Airplane Hanger party. We dropped it like it was hot all night and didn't stop once. 
 It was such a fun day and I'm glad I get to make so many memories like this with the best people in the whole wide world. **Minus Colin.

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