Thursday, November 1, 2012

Disneyland 2k12

So I'm not THAT far behind in my blogging, but ever since my boss got super hyper about me "abusing the internet" the blogging has been put on kind of the back burner for a bit. But i've wanted to document recent things and feelings, after all, isn't that what a...journal... blog is for?
The answer to that rhetorical question is YES my friends!
So let's jump into this.
We took our annual Fall Break trip to good ole' Anaheim to enjoy some R&R with Mickey & friends. All 6 days of it. Woof.
The 1st ride in my whole entire life i've waited 75 minutes for. Radiator Springs Racers is Disney's newest ride in "Cars Land" and it was totally worth the long sweaty lines.

 If anyone knows me, they know my obsession with all things Tim Burton. He recently tag teamed with Disney on "Frankenweenie" and they were promoting it like crazy there. This was there Lemonade Fusion juice, or as we called, "Frankenweenie Juice". So crazy good, and I had probably 3. With that, my shirt, and my mug, I was one happy almost gothic camper. JK about that goth part though.
 By the last day, we were kinda space mountained out. We just walked around, spent money on insignificant things and over-priced food.

 That night we visited the local indoor Vans skatepark to just relax. What's a trip to California without a little boarding?
 Our traditional Stop to Dowling's fruit stand on the way home.

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